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George Perez Draws CrossGen Catfight!
We're only a little embarassed about our excitement...

George Perez had supposedly left the company, but really, it was just to finish up JLA/Avengers. Aren't you glad?

It's still a shame that Negation War doesn't have his art, thereby ruining the veteran artist's perfect record for drawing company-wide crossovers. However, market forces meant that CrossGen had to pull the trigger on that one a little bit sooner than originally planned, and Perez just didn't have the time.

But now...

From CrossGen:

They're strong, skilled and sexy--and when they collide, George Pérez will deliver all the action!

Hot on the heels of JLA/Avengers, the legendary artist known for illustrating comics' greatest superhuman slugfests will pencil SOJOURN/LADYDEATH, an electrifying event pitting Arwyn's mystical bow against the supernatural spitfire's enchanted steel blade. On sale May 12th, the two-issue miniseries features a colossal creative team completed by co-writers Chuck Dixon (EL CAZADOR) and Lady Death creator Brian Pulido.

Star of the best-selling fantasy series SOJOURN, the avenging archer Arwyn seeks to destroy Mordath, the wicked warlord responsible for the death of her family. Battling beasts in the pages of LADY DEATH: A MEDIEVAL TALE, the young woman named Hope uses her magical powers to help the two races that have rejected her. Both warrior women oppose evil...so why is Arwyn aiming her exploding arrows at the ghostly gal who defied the grave? Blame Mordath, who figures if one alluring adventurer is challenging his grip on the world of Quin, why not destroy her with her own dark twin?

"I love writing clashes like this," Dixon stated. "Since they're 'fish out of the pond' stories, they allow you to stir up the emotions that are flowing beneath the fight."

"It's a natural. Lady Death and Arwyn are both fantasy butt kickers, but they have vastly different motivations for--and approaches to--kicking said butt," Pulido explained. "On the creative side, Chuck, who was instrumental in relaunching LADY DEATH at CG, brings powerful, character-driven action to anything he breathes on. And I've been a big fan of George since back in the '70s."

"Believe me, after working on a book with hundreds of lead characters it'll be a pleasure to narrow my focus to such a beautiful pair of heroines," Pérez admitted. "Drawing beautiful women is never work, it's just great fun."

"I'm loving every second of this," Dixon revealed. "Two great heroes who promise trouble when they meet, a co-writer who knows what his audience wants, and an artist who strains the special effects budget on every page. It's gonna be a blast!"

"It's an honor to work with George, and a dream come true to see him draw Lady Death," Pulido added. "Plus, Arwyn vs. Lady Death is like a cat-fight between Nicole Kidman and Rebecca Romjin-Stamos! How can you lose?"

"After getting to draw so many comely super heroines in my oh-so-long career, it will be a pleasure to add Lady Death and Arwyn to my résumé," Pérez stated. "And working with Chuck and Brian just adds that little extra zest. Ah--babes, blades and battles--what more can one red-blooded male artist want?"

Three titanic talents, two combustible characters and one main event that--instead of interrupting each character's respective title--delivers thrills in a standalone, new-reader-friendly miniseries. It all adds up to a spectacle that comics do best. So...Arwyn or Lady Death...who will win? With these creators involved, the readers will...so place your bets!

Derek McCaw

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