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So You've Seen The Winter Soldier...

...and you're probably saying to yourself, I wonder what I could read that duplicates that excitement? Well, this is a page dedicated to giving you that opportunity. As always, we believe that if you have a comic book store local to you, chances are they have copies of these books and you should really support them. But we also like you to support us, so we are happy to provide you with Amazon links.

Captain America Volume 1: The Winter Soldier

Kind of a no-brainer if the movie got you really interested in reading the comics. This story is different, steeped as it is in Marvel Comics' continuity, but you still have the same core characters -- Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, The Winter Soldier and Agent 13 (actually, she plays a much larger role here).

Captain America Volume 2: Red Menace

Essentially a sequel that got folded, spindled and mutilated into happening concurrently with Volume 1 in the film adaptation, you will notice a few characters with similar names and a plot that seems more closely a direct sequel to The Red Skull's plans in The First Avenger. Fear not; again, the continuities are different, but Ed Brubaker and Mike Perkins are a dynamite creative team and any dissonance you feel will soon be replaced by simple excitement.

The Death Of Captain America: The Complete Collection

While elements of this might be taken into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it really spins out of the two earlier volumes and another, larger company crossover called "Civil War" which, in itself, is not nearly as gripping as people had hoped. It's the stories like the ones here that are the can't miss ones, the consequences of that event. Still, it is likely that somewhere down the line, the fate of the Winter Soldier in here will be what happens in the movies.

Secret Warriors Omnibus

This series focuses on Nick Fury assembling an underground group of heroes to fight a conspiracy within S.H.I.E.L.D. Though not credited in the film, it's really hard to deny that Jonathan Hickman's work in this book influenced a lot of the tone just as much as Brubaker's did, with a few plot points picked up already and probably still to come.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier - The Screenplay

Noodling around Amazon for this page, I stumbled across this -- which I have to buy for myself! The screenplay is that good. I want to pore over that dialogue and thinking and whatever notes Marvel has to offer.

Essential Captain America, Volume 1

This is just if you've decided you really like the character, and want to see the building blocks of what got him to the point that he was viable cinematically. These early tales don't have the depth that Brubaker's modern work does, but because it's Marvel, you can still feel the crackle. Enjoy!

Did I miss any? Let us know YOUR favorite Captain America stories on the Facebook page!

Derek McCaw

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