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The Fanboy Planet Preview Spotlight 08/10/05
brought to you by Brian's Books of Santa Clara

Each week we look through the upcoming releases to offer our two cents as to what's hot and what's not. You can agree with us or not, but spend your money wisely.

Derek is still on a "working" vacation in Southern California following Comic-Con. I'll be filling in for him on Preview Spotlight for the next few weeks. As per my contract, whenever I fill in for another writer, I have carte blanche to make fun of them until they return.

Supergirl #0 & Supergirl #1
Writer: Jeph Loeb
Pencils: Ian Churchill & Norm Rapmund

Jeph Loeb and his art team from Superman/Batman try to work the same magic on this relaunch of Supergirl. While we haven't actually read the first issue, it's a safe bet that this will be good stuff. Loeb is always solid and with a clean slate to work from, he has no obstacles in his path to drive his plot around.

Ian Churchill & Norm Rapmund have proven they can not only create some kick ass art, but also deliver a super hot Supergirl. The number of creative ways they are able to shift her skirt to avoid showing off her super thong is astounding. That alone is enough to earn our pick of the week.

Both #0 and #1 hit the shelves this week, however if you are a regular reader of Superman/Batman, you can skip the #0 issue. It's a reprint of Superman/Batman #19 with a new cover that they are charging full price for, again. Those clever bastards.


Fables #40: This is the issue that regular readers of Fables have been waiting for. The Adversary's identity is finally revealed and it is glorious.

The Mediocrity Bin

Green Arrow #53: GA #52 ended with Green Arrow and Black Lightning teaming up against the Mirror Master. Despite what DCComics.com says, issue #53 is not part two of that story. Rather this is a one shot written by William Messner-Loebs about an encounter GA has with Solomon Grundy.

While not bad for a meaningless one shot (and Messner-Loebs needs the work), regular readers are going to feel totally left hanging on the Judd Winick plotline. What gives, DC? What prompted the need to insert this one shot? Did Winick kill another conventioneer at Comic-Con and his jail time interfered with his writing duties?

Batman #643: Part 2 of War Crimes is just as good as part one, but fails to pick up on the key component of the cliffhanger that ended part one. Stupid multi-writer crossovers.

Gravity #3: This "new hero in town" story has heart to it. It's a solid read even if it does smell like an Ultimate Peter Parker rip off with different powers. They're both Marvel so I guess they can rip themselves off all they want.

Action Comics #830: Although not clearly marked as such, this is a Villains United tie in which is also written by Gail Simone. I guess everything she writes is technically a Villains United tie in so…let's just move along.

X-Men #174:Milligan had a nice story arc going setting up Mystique joining the X-Men and then it fell flat on it's face like a paraplegic on a slip & slide. What a complete let down.


Adam Strange: Planet Heist: A book in which Adam Strange is not a total dork is rare. Actually this is the only one I can think of, since it's actually collecting the mini-series The Return of Adam Strange which led into The Rann-Thanagar War. So you'd better rush out and get it before DC changes their mind.

Runaways vol. 1 Hardcover: Runaways was a surprise hit that Marvel decided to relaunch in the hope of getting more readers on board. While the first volume has been out in trade form for awhile now, this hardcover edition would make a lovely gift for your wife, your mistress or just someone who has taken over writing your column while you've been down in Southern California for 4 weeks going to Disneyland and banging fashion models…you prick.

Hey, write to us and let us know what you think. Talk about it on the forums!

Michael Goodson

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