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The Fanboy Planet Preview Spotlight 05/24/06
Page 1 -- Loaded Bible

Also on the Shelves:

The American Way #4: Every issue, John Ridley finds new ways for things to go horribly wrong. And that's a good thing. This book yanks the reader back and forth with surprises and yet it also seems so beautifully sadly inevitable. Just as the team reels from the revelation that its newest member also happens to be a negro, the government tries to get things back on track by releasing a serial killer for them to recapture. Too bad they forgot that psychopaths just don't play by the rules.

JSA Classified #12: Can the immortal caveman Vandal Savage really be dying? Probably not, but it's still making for a cool arc by Stuart Moore and Paul Gulacy as the Golden Age Green Lantern faces off against his literally oldest foe. One has barely had time to mourn the death of his daughter; one may be realizing that he mourns his children, too. The cleverness of Moore's script is that who's who keeps shifting.

The Last Christmas #1: Yes, Image must have unofficially declared this "urinate on sacred cows week" in their editorial offices. Brian Posehn oversees the plotting of this post-apocalyptic Santa story, written and drawn by Rick Remender with finishes by Hilary Barta. Right there, you should be hooked. The first issue doesn't quite cover as much ground as I would have liked, but it's funny and looks like it will fill five issues much better than you would think.

Negative Burn #1: An old anthology resurrects itself and wow - what a return. Many critical favorites contribute interesting and off-kilter pieces, so there's sure to be something in here for everyone. That might sound like too much of a gamble, but really, think of it as a surprising reward. Among my favorites, Eric Powell contributes a great one-pager from the point of view of his flu-ridden son.

The Sensational Spider-Man #26: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Clayton Crain team on a creepy story that brings out the worst in all of Spider-Man's animal-related (totemistic?) foes …and friends. The art fits the subject nicely, though Crain seems at his weakest when rendering normal humans. Though Aguirre-Sacasa hasn't yet written the thing that people will point to as a masterpiece, he keeps finding cool ways into nifty story ideas. When he does come across his killer idea, we're all going to be utterly blown away.

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #6: I've liked this book despite its manga flavoring, and this issue brings that all into sharp contrast. Sean McKeever tells the origin of Spider-Man from Mary Jane's point of view, and after one page by regular artist Takeshi Miyazawa, the book shifts to art by Valentine DeLandro. Suddenly the gang looks like a realistic group of teenagers, with the girls appearing slightly more mature than the guys. They're still not adults, but it's better than the look of little kids playing high school dress up. McKeever also throws in a character named Jessica that just might grow up to be Jessica Jones, a plot point that nobody has picked up on since Bendis made it years ago in Marvel's Alias.

X-Factor #7: Losing Ryan Sook hurt this book just a little bit, but let's stress the just a little. Guest artist Ariel Olivetti does a good job, but the art feels too clean and light for the tone of the book. Luckily, Peter David's writing still burns strongly, as Siryn deals with the news of her father's death. Reactions throughout the team are varied and realistic; it almost seems a shame to break away for the main ongoing plot and the action that comes with it. Once again, David gets into his characters' heads in a way few writers can rival.

Sight Unseen:

Buckaroo Banzai #1: Moonstone knew they didn't have to send me a review copy. They're on to me. They knew I'd spend the money on this.

Secret Six #1: Featuring the characters we came to love last year as Villains United, there's no doubt in my mind that this Gail Simone-penned book will kick ass, take names and yet not take sides. Damn that Catman.

X-Statix Presents: Deadgirl #5: Gwen Stacy, Mockinbird and U-Go Girl, all drawn by Mike Allred? Come on!

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Derek McCaw

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