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The Fanboy Planet Preview Spotlight 03/29/06
Page 1 -- Justice #5, Avengers/Power Pack #1 and Big Max #1

Also Out This Week:

Daredevil #84: Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark haven't exactly made us forget about Bendis and Maleev, but they're still running hard with the challenge left to them. In some ways, their arc riffs off of something Frank Miller did during his run, but thanks to changing times and mores, this will be a hell of a lot more hardcore. Luckily, it's also really well written and drawn. If you're not buying this book, you're a chump. Yes, that's what I said, a CHUMP.

Ex Machina Special #1: Actually telling a tale from "The Great Machine's" active superhero days, this two part special is good but nothing special. The fun of Ex Machina is watching a man in a role where superpowers rarely do him any good combined with glimpses of his past. Putting us firmly in that past makes Mitchell Hundred just another superhero, except with one of the worst costumes in history.

The Invincible Iron Man #7: Infected by "Extremis," Tony Stark has himself become a powerful machine. His friends worry about him, though he thinks that just comes from resentment. Certainly, when he stops and restarts a villain's heart just because he can, things may be tipping over the edge. While writers like Bendis enthuse about Tony's forward thinking, it looks like Daniel and Charles Knauf may have picked up on something else about his mindset: Tony Stark is an alcoholic. He may not drink anymore, but there are still addictive elements to his personality, and the very thing that drives him to success may also lead to a hard downfall.

Man-Bat #1: What else can you do with Man-Bat, really, but make him into a horror character? Something terribly gruesome is happening outside of Gotham, and while all signs point toward Man-Bat, Dr. Kirk Langstrom just can't be sure. Perhaps by editorial mandate, writer Bruce Jones throws in a couple of more mainstream villains, but their presence only ensures that this book will get bloodier and bloodier. If you want a little splatter mixed in with your Batman title, this would be the book.

Manhunter #21: This issue makes it a little clearer just how the status quo has changed one year later for the character. It's a good change, and just why she's doing it seems to be a good mystery. You'll have your theories, sure, but Marc Andreyko will tell us slowly, and he's a writer worth trusting.

Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy #4: Hollywood seems interested in Sgt. Rock again, with talk about a feature film hitting the trades today. So it's a good thing that DC has this really good mini-series on the stands, written and drawn by one of the giants of the industry. The story is clearly personal, and it gets better and better with each issue. Remember that the Kuberty Dynasty starts with Joe.

Wolverine: Origins #1: Daniel Way and Steve Dillon do a good job with a story designed to really just dazzle us with smoke and mirrors. It wouldn't be much of a series if they actually explained some of what Wolverine remembers in the first issue, would it? Whatever it is, it somehow involves intimate knowledge of the layout of the White House, which leads me to believe that Logan slept with JFK on more than one occasion. At any rate, the sound and fury of this book doesn't take away that it's more of the same old same old mystery. Marvel might as well retitle this one Wolverine: Suckers, because you and I both know it's still going to sell like hotcakes.

X-Men #185: The possible retooling of Apocalypse's role in the grand scheme of things actually makes the character interesting. Though the first few issues of Peter Milligan's run kind of stumbled to find their footing, X-Men has actually got some direction and, despite being mired in all the things that make non-readers cringe, readability. It's still no Astonishing, but then, nothing else is.

Sight Unseen:

7 Days To Fame #3: This book creeps me out, because I just know it's only a matter of time.

Birds of Prey #93: If you're not reading this book, trust me, it's the best book you're not reading.

The Goon #17: When a co-worker saw an issue of this book on my desk, she laughed. "You're such a boy!" Yeah, 'cuz boys like zombies and monsters and mobsters and damned good writing and art. This book may, just may, be my answer to Goodson's man-crush on Bendis.

Lilo & Stitch GN #1: I don't even know who's putting this out. I mention it only because I know I'm probably going to have to buy it for my kids, since they went as Lilo & Stitch for Halloween. Let's just say I'm doing my part to build the next generation of comic book readers; are you?

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Derek McCaw

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