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And Now, An Endless Lullaby...
but it won't put you to sleep...

In the wake of movies like Shrek and comics series like Fables and the underrated Max Hamm, Fairytale Detective, Alias put their own spin on things.

I resisted. What could be done differently that Bill Willingham hadn't already turned on its head?

Lullaby: Wisdom Seeker proved me, once again, to have jumped to conclusions instead of waiting and seeing.

Edgy without being alienating for younger readers, Lullaby: Wisdom Seeker put an intriguing spin on some denizens of children's literature. Their take on Pinocchio? Brilliant. And Alice -- well, she's not exactly Alice, but as "The Hand of the Queen," a strong character in her own right. These aren't the fictions you know, but they're some you'd want to get to know. So I greet this news from Alias with some excitement.

From Alias:

ALIAS Comics's LULLABY:WISDOM SEEKER hit shelves earlier this year to massive critical and popular acclaim. It's not hard to see why; the book featured a fairy-tale story featuring many popular literary characters and had a fun, manga-styled look to boot. Readers enjoyed following the adventures of Jim Hawkins, Pinnochio, Alice (from Wonderland), Red Riding Hood and the Pied Piper as their individual journeys crossed paths and the fellowship was formed.

And now the adventure continues with LULLABY: the series, the continuing saga of these characters as they search for the source of a mysterious evil that is pervading their lives and causing strange things to happen in the world of fairy tales.

"We took a big risk with LULLABY, and I'm glad we did," said Mike S. Miller, Executive Director of ALIAS Comics and Writer/Director for the project. "When we started, people were telling us that there was no way an all-ages book could succeed in the comic book market. But fans have really enjoyed the story, and Hector Sevilla is becoming very well known for his unique style of art and visual storytelling."

The first issue of the new saga will debut in September, 2005 and will continue the story written by Miller and Ben Avery (THE HEDGE KNIGHT, THE IMAGINARIES, ARMOR QUEST, THE OZ/WONDERLAND CHRONICLES). Hector Sevilla will also continue to astound with more of his incredible talent as a creator, conceptual artist and storyteller. Ulises Arreola is also back adding the incredible painted colors that have astounded fans by the thousands.

“It’s a real joy to be working on a book that appeals to people of different tastes and ages,” said Miller. “LULLABY has fans that span just about every type of audience, and we’re glad to know that our hard work in bringing this story to print has been met with such enthusiasm.”

”The advance edition of the trade paperback collecting the original story was one of our top sellers at the WizardWorld Chicago this past weekend,” said Sean J. Jordan, Managing Editor for ALIAS Comics. “Retailers and fans alike love this book, and we nearly sold out of our entire stock before the show ended. Based on the number of people who we spoke to over the weekend, we anticipate that the next series is going to be huge.”

LULLABY #1 will ship with 4 separate covers: one by Hector Sevilla, one by Jack 'Lions, Tigers and Bears' Lawrence, one by Randy 'Emma Frost' Green, and a special retailer incentive cover by Mike S. Miller.

LULLABY will be available at comic book retailers everywhere in September and distributed through Diamond Distributors, Inc, order code JUL052561.

Derek McCaw

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