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Because You Can't Kill Snake Plissken...

I wondered if we'd ever see this again after Cross-Gen collapsed. At last, we will...

But will this mean still more new adventures for Snake Plissken? Hurricane Entertainment seems to be awfully busy with getting a Chassis film off the ground.

And by the way, Alias also mentions that the first quarter of 2006 will see their long-awaited Dabel Brothers' adaptation of The Wheel of Time: New Spring.

From Alias:

Fresh on the heels of San Diego Comic-Con International, Alias Comics has found a new partner in Hurricane Entertainment. The first co-production out of the gate: JOHN CARPENTER'S SNAKE PLISSKEN CHRONICLES.

Already set to solicit for this November, SNAKE PLISSKEN CHRONICLES will collect the wildly popular four issue mini-series originally published by Cross-Gen and Hurricane. "The sales on the title were strong from start to finish," stated Mike S. Miller, Executive Director and co-founder of Alias Comics, "It was a no-brainer to agree to publishing the trade. Then when I saw that one of my favorite artists of all time was doing the cover, I just about fell out of my chair. Drew Struzan is a modern day master of the craft!".

Struzan, whose artwork has adorned movies posters ranging from the Star Wars series to Indiana Jones and innumerable other high profile films, is no stranger to painting Kurt Russell, the actor who gave life to the fictional Snake Plissken. The poster to one of the biggest cult hit movies of all time, Big Trouble in Little China, was also painted by Mr. Struzan.

"The cover alone is worth the price of the trade, but luckily, people will get a killer story with some fantastic artwork by fan favorite penciler Tone Rodriguez to boot!" added Miller. "We're getting a LOT of really great properties coming through our doors lately, but I have to admit that this is a big one for me, personally."

John Carpenter's Snake Plissken Chronicles will be available for to order in the September issue of Previews for November release from Alias Comics.

Derek McCaw

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