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DC Signs Josh Middleton
Just in time for summer ... it's the not-so-Secret Exclusives War!

This one doesn't quite come out of the blue, but it's getting awfully hard to read the tea leaves on these kinds of things. For whatever reason, it had been known that Josh Middleton would be leaving NYX, but not because he was about to get locked up (in a good way) by the Distinguished Competition.

Middleton has not yet actually done work for DC, nor, if you'll notice from the press release, does DC have anything set yet. But with an artist of this stature, it's a sign that we're going to have a flurry of exclusive contracts from both sides -- it won't be anything ridiculous or apocalyptic unless DC snags Bendis.

And then be ready for that hellfire lapping at your feet.

From DC:

Acclaimed artist Joshua Middleton, best known for his work on NYX and Meridian, has signed a 2-year exclusive agreement with DC Comics.

"In the short time that I've gotten to know the folks at DC, I have been nothing but pleased at the professionalism and good sense they have demonstrated," says Middleton. " Straightaway we were on the same page, and crafting a long-term relationship was extremely easy due to my confidence in DC's vision and their understanding of my work and goals as an artist. It is genuinely inspiring to feel so embraced, and I can hardly put into words how excited I am to put pencil to paper in such a well-rounded and creatively rewarding atmosphere. Without wasting a second, DC has managed to put together a wonderful project that affords me the ability to complete art of the utmost quality by playing to my strengths, but at the same time will challenge me to new artistic heights. It will be bigger, better, and more fantastic than anything I've ever done, and I hope readers will be surprised and excited by it. I certainly am!"

" We' re ecstatic to have Josh come on board with DC," says Dan DiDio, DC' s VP - Editorial. "And we are anxious to see him apply his unique style and vision to our top characters."

DC will announce Middleton' s upcoming projects at a later date.

Hey -- who should either Marvel or DC be trying to keep in their stable? Talk about it in the forums!

Derek McCaw

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