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DC Allies Itself With Humanoids...

There is no truth to the rumor that they must change their name to Freedomoids.

Seriously, though, this is a win-win situation for both companies. DC gets more market share, Humanoids gets greater distribution, and comics fans get exposed to some critically acclaimed stuff that was previously darned hard to find at your local bookstore.

From DC:

The stars of the European graphic novel are coming to America.

European artists Moebius, Bilal, and Jodorowsky, will soon be joining the likes of Will Eisner (The Spirit), Alan Moore (Watchmen), and New York Times best selling author Neil Gaiman (The Sandman) at DC Comics.

Paul Levitz, President and Publisher of DC Comics (a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company) and Fabrice Giger, founder of the Humanoids Group (owner of Les Humanoïdes Associés and Humanoids Publishing), announced today an agreement that calls for the publication of 36 books per year from Les Humanoïdes Associés, and Humanoids Publishing, as part of the DC Comics catalog. DC retains worldwide English language publishing rights on these titles.

The venture marks the first time that the full array of avant-garde and high-end European graphic novels have been available in the American marketplace. European stars of the Les Humanoïdes Associés library (such as Moebius, Bilal, Jodorowsky), and the big American stars of the Humanoids Publishing Catalog (Charest, Busiek, Cassaday) will now be published under the Humanoids brand name. The steady supply of graphic novels will support DC Comics' continued efforts to aggressively expand into trade bookstores, while building on its impressive presence in the comic book specialty market.

"This is a rare and wonderful opportunity to bring one of the great catalogs of graphic novels to our audience," said Paul Levitz, " and to connect an extraordinary tradition of storytelling to a new generation of readers."

With the first titles slated to be released in July 2004, the Humanoids titles will benefit from a brand new visibility and access to the American market that they have not enjoyed to date. DC will use the same marketing, distribution and promotional strengths for the Humanoids books that do for the rest of their line, which includes Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, and the Vertigo and WildStorm imprints.

Fabrice Giger said, " Through this deal, our books will gain more visibility in the United States. It' s a real opportunity for European comics."

Based in Paris and Geneva, Les Humanoïdes Associés is one of Europe' s leading publishers of graphic novels. Founded in 1975 by Moebius, Dionnet and Druillet, it published the works of cutting edge artists who revolutionized the world of graphic novels. Les Humanoïdes Associés prestigious catalogue of several hundred titles is focused in fantasy, horror and science-fiction. The company is also the creator of the magazine Metal Hurlant.

Founded in 1999, Humanoids, Inc is the US arm of the Humanoids Group, under the direction of former CAA veteran, Justin Connolly, and Giger himself. Humanoids, Inc. publishes English translations of the French books, commissions new books from US creators for both the French and US markets, sells motion picture and television rights to the graphic novels, sells French animated shows to US networks, and creates new animated television shows and motion pictures with US creators.

Derek McCaw

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