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Everything Changes ...In 1602

This is just about the cruelest tease the House of Ideas has ever released.

All we got in our mailbox was these images: no explanation, no captions, just a note that information would follow eventually.

But really, this speaks for itself. Forget Origin. Forget Mark Waid on Fantastic Four. Forget Joe Quesada pencilling a monthly series (it ain't happening anyway). THIS is the big event of 2003.


Neil Gaiman has promised to turn the Marvel Universe upside down. Not a hoax, not an imaginary story. He also promises to affect every major character.

Nobody really knows what the title means. Some have hypothesized that it's a tale of a future Marvel, being 2061 backward, since 1961 was the year the Fantastic Four first appeared. Others have given the date 1602 as having some quasi-mystical meaning.

And some of us just want Marvel to hurry up and release the thing.


Shall we hazard guesses as to who is featured in these images?

My money is on a young Storm, Peter Parker, and at the bottom, because all big events must, Wolverine. But I could be wrong. Maybe it's Dr. Druid.

As for the clouded group above Isanove's name, I haven't a clue. But please, you're welcome to speculate in the forum.

Derek McCaw

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