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Superior Spider-Man #31:
Avoiding A Foolish Consistency...

How do you end one of the more controversial story-lines in recent history?

Writer Dan Slott has ended it with a nod to some of the greatest moments in Spidey history. The girl endangered by the Green Goblin. Peter (yes, Peter... ummmm, spoilers?) trying to find his place in the life of his friends and family while battling goblins and robots and sneaky corporate execs. Aunt May being Aunt May. Mary Jane wondering if she can still be a part of Spider-Man's life (again...). It's all there.

Slott wraps up a lot of the "loose" ends that Ock has left dangling in Peter's life, while setting up the ongoing struggle that will be Parker's attempt to clean up the mess Ock has left his life in. There is still a relationship with Ana Maria to explore or end. Parker Industries still exists. His friends and family and the Avengers are still in the dark as to what has afflicted Peter over the last several months. The set up for next month's "All New Now Re-New-Now" Amazing Spider-Man #1 is there.

Let's talk art. Superior Spider-Man has featured some of the better Spidey artists of the last few years. Stegman. Ramos. Camuncolli. With Ramos ramping up his ASM run, Camuncolli steps in to pen the final story in Otto's Spidey career, as well as the seminal moment when Parker finally returns (in SS #30). I have followed Camuncolli's work for some time; his "Dark Wolverine" story was the first time I really noticed his work, but he also cut his teeth on Hellblazer. He can do dark, and the Goblin's war on NYC looks suitably gritty and dangerous.

But I think he gets the personal moments done right as well. While he may not be launching ASM or announced as a part of the upcoming Spider-verse event, but I think it's safe to say he's not going to be gone for long.

Slott's story was really well done. He explored the classic Spidey mythos and tropes through the eyes of the villain, and it brought something new to the character. As someone who isn't the biggest Spidey fan and someone who would pick up and drop the book from time to time, I was riveted by Slott's "Superior" run and could not wait for the next issue. Peter's return even made me a little giddy, despite knowing it was coming. This is a quality wrap up to the last year and a half, and has me excited to see what is next.

Kris Koller works at Earth-2 Comics Northridge, 8967 Reseda Blvd. in Northridge, California, always happy to help you find the book you're looking for. You can also venture into Earth-2 Comics at 15017 Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks.

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Kris Koller

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