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Justice League #1 By Kid McCaw

Just to see if DC's New 52 initiative is working with its intended audience, I gave Justice League #1 to my son, aged 7. Keep in mind that yes, he is the Son of a Zorlak, but in all other ways he seems healthy and normal, DC's prime target.

What follows is my organizing his responses as he read and then answered a few questions.

Did he like the book? He rolled his eyes. "It's superheroes! My favorite superheroes are in it. It's awesome!"

However, on reflection, he did protest. "Superheroes aren't supposed to argue." And the presence of Parademons made no impact; the arguing stood out more than who the Justice League are supposed to be fighting.

As to the most controversial part of the relaunch, yes, he liked the way everybody looked, spending some time on the cover. "Batman and Green Lantern don't really have new suits – or the Flash. Oh, wait, yeah, the Flash does sort of have some new stuff on his suit. Cool!"

Then what sparked the two of us talking about it, the Superman redo. He studied the last page of Justice League #1 with a smile on his face, forgetting that he doesn't like superheroes to argue.

"Superman looks mean. They're facing each other. Dad, it says 'Next: Superman vs. Batman!' And he's in a cool new suit! There's no red underwear? There's lots of cool stuff on his costume!"

He picked up as well that the football player (Victor Stone) will turn out to be Cyborg. A good choice, my son thinks, as Cyborg is cool. Yes, we use the word cool a lot.

Ultimately, the final judgment of the 7 year old? "I love this book!"

Well played, DC, well played.

Derek McCaw

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