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Global Frequency #12
Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Gene Ha

Approximately two years ago, Warren Ellis started up Global Frequency with two promises: it would end at issue twelve and the plot of each issue would be totally independent of every other. Our long journey through Ellis’ experiment has at last come to an end, and we can definitely rest assured that the man stuck to his guns (though he could always give us another volume of it later on), but how do you end a series that… well… isn’t a series? How do you tie it all together when there’s nothing to tie together?

You have a big ol’ crisis, naturally.

The story opens with Aleph (Global Frequency central ops’ sole operator) receiving word from an agent that a Pentagon software program recently hiccupped and activated a satellite under the “Die-Back Doctrine”, a supposedly hypothetical plan to reduce the human race to a manageable population.

GF leader Miranda Zero scrambles all Global Frequency agents and learns that the satellite is a star wars-era weapons platform built to launch dense, super hard carbon fiber rods (termed “kinetic harpoons”) at the Earth. The rods superheat but don’t burn up during atmospheric re-entry and essentially do the same damage as nuclear warheads without the bother of lingering radiation.

The problem: Nobody ordered the damn thing to activate, nobody can shut it down, the military team guarding the uplink station are under orders to shoot on sight after activation, and any spacecraft detected near the satellite will cause it to drop it’s payload.

So who ya’ gonna call?

I’ll go against my normal policy of summarizing up to the staples (midpoint of most comics, duh) and leave you guys at page five. Yes, all that info was delivered in roughly five pages of spacious panels, leaving the rest of the book to a classic balancing act of problem solving and obstacle dodging. The surprises are exciting, the laughs are big, and the end will knock the wind out of you.

So, yeah, Ellis ended it right.

Global Frequency has had a slightly bumpy road scattered with late releases, an inborn lack of character and plot depth (for a series), and occasionally slack issues. I can’t say that I’ve ever disliked an issue, but those that consist almost entirely of one fight scene never grabbed me the way this month’s entree does.

In fact, I really pity the poor schmucks who have to adapt some of them into episodes for the upcoming TV series. I mean, how the hell can you make the gratuitous brawl in “Superviolence” (issue #10) fit the same timeslot you need for a slow deliberate story like “Big Sky” (Eisner-nominated issue #6). Then, on the other hand, there’s enough material in this month’s “Harpoon” for them to stretch it into a feature, if they dared.

But this month’s issue really is one, if not the best, of the series. Ellis brought in a couple of characters from previous stories and gave us a touch more character development with Miranda Zero, but the strategy here was more of a climax in both theme and scope of the series.

Ellis has no qualms about pointing out how corrupt, small minded, and thoroughly undependable our governments are. His vision of what strong, courageous, imaginative people can do when they shake free the shackles of The System is inspiring beyond all reason, and this culmination of tackling a global-scale threat merely bolsters your appreciation for the restraint he exercised in so many prior stories.

Gene Ha’s artwork is phenomenal, blending a slightly rough pencil-touch with photo-realism so effectively it just angers me all the more that he wastes any time doing covers. His turn here was easily one of the top ranking of the twelve different artists the series has gone through.

Art Lyon’s stylized water-color paint scheme fleshed the whole thing out nicely but grated slightly against the photo-manipulation work and some of the layering. Not a lot, mind you, but it was noticeable. I guess the software still isn’t as far along as we want it to be, but at least we’ve gotten past the blatant failures from the early days of Photoshop.

And, thus, I guess it’s time to finally close the book on Ellis’ first complete maxi-series. Not that it’s really a series. Anyways- Ellis got it right. His one-shots haven’t often wowed me, but Global Frequency ended in a blaze of glory that will give readers new hunger pangs and leave producers of the TV adaptation quaking in their boots. A fine end, indeed.

So, when’s volume two coming out?



Jason Schachat

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