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Flying monkeys and babes. This is my heaven.
Jason Schachat's
Occasional Breakdown
12/13/05 page 3
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Thankfully, Y: The Last Man #40 gives us a bit of a kick in the ass with a visit from one of our favorite formerly psycho sisters: Yorick’s sister Hero. And, before you can write it off as just another romp with her imaginary friend and that darn ninja who stole Yorick’s monkey (no, not a colorful metaphor), writer Brian K. Vaughan gives us two things we’ve been longing to see: the results of Yorick’s one moment of weakness while remaining faithful to his fiancé and nuns bent on world domination.

Okay, so maybe we weren’t expecting the nuns.

However, the fact that Yorick knocked up the only girl he’s slept with since the disaster that slaughtered every other man on the planet is pretty incendiary. Not only will this make it even harder to cover up his increasingly well known existence, but we also get to look forward to that moment when he finally does catch up with his girlfriend and has to explain that he’s now a father.

This outing also warms us up to Hero a bit more. She may have screwed up bad, in the past, but she really isn’t as bloodthirsty as her poor temper might suggest. Of course, all that may change when she discovers that the Israelis murdered her mom, but it’s good to see her relax for a moment first.

After the amount of time we’ve spent with Yorick, 355, and Dr. Mann, it’s good to get in this break before they head to Japan with their newfound Australian lesbian spy (ain’t this book just great?). For followers of Y, this story makes for a great little oneshot. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend it for newbies, since it depends so heavily on the reader’s knowledge of past events. A must for anyone who’s read Y before, but not a good jumping-on point.

And, though Gotham Central #38 starts a new arc about corrupt Crime Scene Investigator Jim Corrigan, it also isn’t a good jumping-on point.

Well, I guess that all depends...

If you last remember Jim Corrigan as The Spectre or a socially crippled guy with thin hair in an extremely long graphic novel, it’ll take you a few pages to catch up. If you remember Renee Montoya as Harvey Bullock’s partner and not an edgy lesbian out for a little of the old ultra-violence, it’ll take a few more pages. If you don’t know anything about the corrupt Gotham Police Department... well, you’ve probably never read a Batman book then, so you might as well just hop on and enjoy the ride.

Dead with a vengeance?
The plot separates out into three perspectives that weave around. First, we’re with Detective Cris Allen as he tails some Narco cops known to work with Corrigan. Then, we join Renee Montoya as she picks fights at a lesbian bar. Finally, we’re with Corrigan himself, going through the dirty business of making a quick buck off of other peoples’ misfortunes while hiding behind a badge.

The interesting obstacle here is that Montoya’s new proclivity for violence has botched previous investigations of Corrigan’s crimes, so Cris has to go this one alone. Not just without Montoya, but without any help from the rest of the department, either.

As you might assume, things don’t go well.

Gotham Central was going really well with the “Dead Robins” arc, but this new Corrigan story feels a bit odd after last month’s Infinite Crisis crossover. One minute, we see complete and utter chaos consuming Gotham. The next, we’re back on track with Renee, Cris, and Corrigan. Jarring, to say the least.

And, while the issue is well written, it isn’t until the end that we get the big surprises. Until then, it feels like writer Greg Rucka is trying to refresh our memories of all the history with Corrigan (which is to say the post-Spectre history, of course). The places this story could lead us are interesting, but the issue itself left me uninspired. If you like the Gotham Central hard-bitten detective style, it’s a good buy, but, if you’re well acquainted with the book and want things to get moving, you might be a bit disappointed.

Page 4: Marvel Zombies #1 and Outsiders #31...

Jason Schachat

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