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Jason Schachat's
Occasional Breakdown
12/05/05 page 2
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And X-Men #178 is another example of the dour mess we’ve come to expect of the X-franchise. Mutants come, mutants go. A hate crime parable one month, a group of evil Nazi survivalists the next. Cyclops and Havok slap each other around a little then burn with quiet resent. Same old, same old.

In these days of Decimation, the X-men have had a colorful group of Sentinels added to their lawn (personally, I’d prefer Bamf garden gnomes), but that terror and dread is quickly reined in when we learn that they were sent by Val Cooper to protect the mansion from the Sapien League.

Yes, another throwaway anti-mutant group. They’re like potato chips, aren’t they?

Most of the issue is just a lot of screaming and muttering as the various characters go through their own little problems: Polaris doesn’t want anyone to know she’s no longer magnetic, somebody in Egypt finds something spooky, somebody in a space station sees something perplexing, Wolverine manages to fit into yet another team without adding anything...

The only big development is with Iceman, but I won’t spoil it for you. Suffice it to say, this whole post “House of M” is already fading away and not leaving anything memorable in its wake. Dead characters have come back, some de-powered mutants are seeing their trials coming to an end, and it’s starting to feel a lot like the usual Marvel Universe.

Unfortunately, we DID lose the one sign of progress in these books: the rapidly growing mutant population which could no longer be ignored. Comics like Grant Morrison’s New X-Men and the recently destroyed District X were running in new directions with the notion of neighborhoods filled with mutants, and it made for some good reading.

But now, we’re back to the status quo. It might as well be the sixties again, for all the progress the X-books haven’t made. Until they can start moving forward again, I just don’t see any reason to recommend X-Men.

While the Marvel Universe may have suffered a drop in the super-powered population, the Ultimate Universe continues to build up it’s community of super-humans with Namor in Ultimate Fantastic Four #25.

Yeah, those kids from Jimmy Neutron sure done growed up.
Yeah, you heard me. Namor.

Fish-boy’s back, winged feet and all, but his first meeting with the modern world doesn’t go so well. Once released from his underwater tomb, he immediately gets in a fight with Human Torch and pretty solidly beats him. Together, the team manage to restrain the ancient Atlantean, but they soon learn that nothing they have can stand against Namor’s strength. They also learn that he’s a hyper-intelligent, pompous ass out to bed Sue Storm, but nothing new there.

This issue is really just the middle chapter in Millar’s “Tomb of Namor”, so we don’t really know quite where he’s going. But, unless they manage to kill off Namor, they may have made him way too powerful. Exponentially stronger than the Hulk, smarter than Reed Richards, hunkier than Thor... this boy’s trouble.

Of course, artist Greg Land managed to tone that down a bit by giving him an ultra-Ed Grimly cowlick, but that’s not much of a tradeoff for being able to learn the entire English language (and sound very egomaniacal after doing so) within a couple of hours.

Unfortunately, Land’s artwork still has that tendency to reek of photo-referencing. The more action-oriented work feels right, but you can just imagine the models posing for certain shots, and you’ll swear some shots of Sue Storm were taken from magazine ads.

While the introduction and characterization of Sue and Johnny’s wayward mother has made this arc a nice addition to the series, Namor himself just isn’t up to snuff for me. Too powerful, not adding much to the story – you get the feeling he ain’t gonna last.

And then this book also gives us the Ultimate Vision #2 back-up story, which, at four pages, only goes so far. Vision tells us a bit about how she was designed to record the worlds Galactus destroyed as she warned them about their fate, and this capability is what gave her the name. It also does well to flesh-out the beginning of Ultimate Nightmare, but we still have yet to see what else the character has to offer. Like Namor, she may just be another player destined to disappear from the scene in short order.

However, this issue is a nice quick read for Ultimate Universe fans, even if it doesn’t add much to the Fantastic Four.

page 3: Legion of Super-Heroes #12, Batman #647...

Jason Schachat

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