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100 BULLETS #48
Story: Brian Azzarello
Art: Eduardo Risso

This is Part Two of "In Stinked," a story arc about a trailer-park zoo and a motley assortment of testosterone-poisoned meatheads, and it's just getting weirder.

Big Jack flashes back to how he got the titular bullets in between falling in love with one of the tigers -- testing the feel of its claws on his forearm, skulking around in the dark pretending to be a big cat, and eventually defending it against the three street gangsters who show up for a "hunting" party.

See, the gangsters want tigerskin rugs, but they want to say they killed the animals themselves. And why fly to Siberia or India when you can just drive out to the backwoods and pay to have three caged tigers tranquilized so you can shoot them through the bars while they're not moving around and stuff? I know, it sounds easy, but Jack has his own ideas about how the armchair safari ought to operate.

Everyone in this issue is milling around, pacing, following random threads of conversation and momentary impulses. Everyone's an animal, everyone's a little bit pitiful and a little bit deadly, but only a few are focused in the way of a true predator. And when the cages open, all bets are off as to who's the prey.

The best part: I don't have a single guess what might happen in Part Three. I can't wait.


Story and Art: Rod Espinosa

If you were thinking that maybe this comic sounded a little sedate for your tastes, I have two words for you: underwater dogfight.

Yeah, seriously. These ships may look like 19th century sailing vessels, but they're not only zeppelins, they're submarines too. Most of this issue is devoted to the tactics involved in first getting the ship out of range of Eriden's tech-seeking missiles, and then escaping the clutches of the creepy Taskmaster Ghul, who shows up in a much bigger ship with an ultimatum for the Princess. Once again, it's all about teamwork, with a side order of bait and switch.

In between all this, we have an informative reminiscence about how the servant girl Nalyn ended up taking the place of the original Princess, exposition that might have been covered in the first volume of Neotopia but which is mighty helpful to those of us who came in late. And Espinosa treats us to some more exquisite shadowy pages with a couple of silent underwater moments showing us the solution to moving a ship without using detectable power. It's terrifically cinematic stuff, easily imaginable as anime or even live-action. If the new Namor series had featured sequences like this, where there's actually a reason the story takes place under the ocean, I'd probably still be reading it.

I don't know how the business of comics publishing works, particularly when it comes to more independent publishers, so I don't know what to make of the fact that this issue showed up for me a week after the last one and is dated November 2003. I do know that if it maintains the
current quality I'm only too happy to match its pace.


Andrew Simchik


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