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100 BULLETS #49
Story: Brian Azzarello
Art: Eduardo Risso

This concluding issue of the "In Stinked" story ends on a surprisingly high note. Azzarello clearly likes this big tiger-loving galoot Jack.

Things don't start out well, though, with Mary stumbling across Mikey at a low ebb covered in blood. Some characters are dead, after last issue's tiger-hunting fiasco, but it's the live ones who are really in a mess. The tigers are illegal, you remember, and the mafiosi who wanted to hunt them got hunted instead. So at this point it's a question of whether the cops or the mob will show up first to pass sentence.

Luckily, our anti-heroes have a clever plan for disposing of the evidence, but they aren't quick enough to put it in motion before they're discovered. It's up to Jack to prove that he's every bit the hunter a tiger is, and more: he knows how to use bait.

I think at least one character deserves worse than he gets, but this ain't no morality play. It's basically a heist, and the big score, not to be too corny here, is freedom.

Did I say heist? I meant nature documentary, a few issues of pacing prowling animals and now all of them leaping at once, not toward a quarry but away from it.

Azzarello's scripting seems a little hasty here, but it fits the story. Risso's art is terrific, wry and charming, peppered with wordless panels as subtly expressive as anything you'll find in comics today.


Andrew Simchik


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