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The Scarlet Speedster

(originally posted in 2005)

Occasional contributor Daniel DeFabio offers up yet another strange "Elseworlds" that should make Dan DiDio stand up and take notice.

This ought to put some hair into the exclusives wars.

This month: Nathaniel Hawthorne applies his transcendental pen to Jay Garrick. If only Reverend Dimmsdale had had these powers...

Yes, we know that we're marking Daniel and ourselves to be intellectuals and first up against the wall when the revolution comes, but hey...that's the risk we'll take to be viewed as "smart comedy."

Though we agree that perhaps, just perhaps, Daniel has entirely too much time on his hands.

We're grateful. Otherwise, it's just dumb slapstick for us.

Just wait until you see wjhat we put Mish'al through this summer at San Diego...

And now...

I. The Hall of Justice
A cadre of muscled men, in glad-colored garments and gay, twice-steeple-crowned hoods intermixed with women, one wearing a tiara the other bareheaded, was assembled in the Hall of Justice.
The founders of a new society, whatever Utopia of human virtue and justice they might originally project, have invariably recognized it among their earliest practical necessities to appoint guardians of such justice. Guardians blest with the steadfast principles of unflinching courage. These gathered then, were those same. A Kryptonian, a Martian, an Amazonian, a noirish songbird, a dark knight and the Scarlet Speedster.

The clarion of chaos had sounded and as was their appointed mission they assembled to answer its call. The dark knight said little but only scowled beneath his jet cowl. So that other detective John Jones – a deformed figure, with an emerald face that haunted men’s memories longer than they liked – took the floor.

“This very hall has been surrounded by walls of every stripe that neither bend nor break nor offer any apparent egress. Kal-El, thou lookest far into eternity, tell me what thou seest?”

“I see many paths that all turn back and bite their tails.”

The wearer of the scarlet leotard made haste away and returned before any could blink an eye. “Tis true our Hall is surrounded by walls of iron, flame, hedge and some black augury. They bar all passage even at my most high speed.” The speedster must have undertaken great toil for his bosom heaved and on it the embroidered red hot brand heaved too. The lightning rod stitched in gold upon a field of scarlet, was the symbol of his honor. In the central city citizens would spy him and say to strangers “Do you see that man with the embroidered badge? That is our Flash – the town’s own Flash, -- who is so kind to the crime victim, so helpful to the troubled.”

II. The Elf-child and the Martian
A great light filled the chamber and with a clap of thunder both women therein disappeared. Gone were the canary and the woman of wonder.

As if to replace them came a demon visage, a spectral form floating above the floor.

“I am the Minotress, mistress of the maze, I have secreted your women to the center of my labyrinth where they await as your prize should you survive.” Her hell spawned form resembled not that of the famed maze monster of Crete but rather an elf-child.

The man of steel flew to capture her. His arms did pass through her spectral form and like a candle flame doused, she was no more.
“Deduction dictates that we must attempt each path through the maze til we have reached its center.” Spoke the darkest of knights.

III. The Flash
“None here can more speedily dispatch this task than I.” Said a blur that was left in the place of the scarlet speedster.

“Thus we leave it to the Scarlet Speedster and his skill. If he can not avenge us, we can do no more.” Intoned the mighty Martian.

“We canst not allow the Scarlet Speedster to alone shoulder the mighty trouble which has befallen each of us equally. Though our skills in this affair match not his we will split each to his own direction and do our share.” Answered the last son of Krypton.

And each did away. John Jones went easterly, and the Kryptonian went northerly, leaving the cowled crusader to follow the path west, as the trail south still rippled with the wake of winds from the passing of the Scarlet Speedster.

Soon the man of steel found all avenues through the labyrinth brought him only to that devil-rock Kryptonite that sapped his strength of will and corpus. The dark knight was likewise tormented by the gloomy maze of evil. For even his deductive mind could not discern the way. He searched but found no clew. “There is no path to guides out of this dismal maze.” He breathed to no one’s ear.

IV. The Martian in a Maze.
But the manhunter from Mars faced the greatest duress, for each turn he took found him confronted by a wall of flame. Fire was his most especial weakness and it repelled him again and again. One enfeebled, one befuddled, the third afeared of unearthly flames, fate had never brought them a gloomier hour.

The Scarlet Speedster ran to them one upon the next. He gathered up the fallen man of steel and carried him to refuge. And likewise the guardian of Gotham and the emerald alien. For the moment all were safe in the center of the maze.

Then a new horror! Peals of hell-sent laughter as the Minotress satiated her dark passion. But her laughter was ill-founded. In propinquity the canary and the Amazon princess forced the elf-child back as if against a wall of her maze. This final wall lacking a visible state, eminated from a riverlet.

“Flash, she avoids the water above all else.” Sang the canary.

“Is she indeed an elfish spirit, who, as legends of our childhood taught us, is forbidden to cross a running stream?” queried the cowled crusader.

“No, dark friend, I read her thoughts she is mortal with once a human heart but has become a fiend through torment.” Answered the Martian.

“Her torment has nigh begun lest she repent!” Cried the Amazon.

“Of penance I’ve had enough. Of penitence there has been none!” Declared the Minotress.

V. The Revelation of the Scarlet Speedster
“Woman your triumphant ignominy dies now!” Cried the speedster and in blur of scarlet he did excavate a moat round the Minotress. The stream flowed round about her and she stood trapped.And thus was it the Scarlet Speedster delivered them from the labyrinth.

It was as ever his pledge that despite great human joy or sorrow, he would for ever do battle with the evil of this world in the continually recurring trials of wounded, wasted, wronged, misplaced, or erring and sinful passion. His gold and scarlet emblem was looked upon with awe and with reverence too.

Thanks, Daniel. You can find more from Daniel at DeFabioDesign.

For another alternate Flash, click here.

Daniel DeFabio


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