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Gamma Bomb, Gamma Bomb

Once again, occasional contributor Daniel DeFabio offers up yet another strange "What If -- ?" that should make Joe Quesada stand up and take notice.

Joe, if you can't get Peter David, you might want to look up this Faulkner guy.

This month: William Faulkner tells a strange story of Southern secrets and a hulking man-brute guaranteed to send shivers down your spine and wonder just where the punctuation went.


Feel the love.

Feel the intellectualism.

Then write in and perhaps suggest to Daniel any other odd pairings of writer and character to give a whole new meaning to the term "Classic Comics."

And now, William Faulkner's Gamma Bomb, Gamma Bomb...

It was her father (General "Thunderbolt" Ross) who knew the story best. When the stranger appeared in Yoknapatawpha, he had with him a white lab coat and shirt, a pair of spectacles, a pair of purple trousers which would have raised little alarm in the streets of Paris, and the honorific Doctor, though it was widely held that he was no doctor of any healing art, rather some more esoteric researcher. General Ross predicted, and years later would confirm, that these garments were Banner's signal and solitary possessions.

It seems this demon (man-ogre-demon) -- his name was Banner --(Doctor Banner) -- Doctor Banner -- he come out of nowhere with his dark-grey notslave notman, and that notman and Banner's will alone cleared them hundred square miles to make a plantation --(Banner's Hundred) -- Banner's Hundred. Banner would go into town never taking his man-beast with him. The twain never to appear together. Banner's uncompanioned appearances in town were enough to set it astir. Banner would brook no query to his origin, intention or enterprise.

Attempts by the General and other men of town to engage him in debate and discourse were met with the resolution that the doctor disliked debate as it was prone to stir him to anger and none gathered would like to see him in that state. In fact at such times there was a lambence in his eyes, so fecund-fertile it seemed even an adumbration of the men's dubiety would be a Hephaitosian blow to his skull, releasing his demons Athena-like, whole and armored.

The brute, his ogre-faced notslave, always shirtless and unshod, wore pants a shade of purple identical to Banner's, an aphotic cousin of the wistaria which bordered the fields. The durance of those pants was scarcely enough to fetter the monster muscles beneath as he tore violently at the land.

Why Miss Ross, so late in life, chose to break her effluvium of lugubrious silence and oblige him (Quentin Jones) to hear this tale, he couldn't guess. Some would say it was because Banner had saved the life of his father Rick Jones once, and Rick Jones was the nearest thing to a friend Banner had.

The chief quandary in all the lore of Banner's Hundred was where he came by his colossal ashen notslave, and why the two had such an inseverable bond. Miss Ross alone held insights to this. Her brother, now long deceased, had journeyed to New Orleans and uncovered the dark secret Banner concealed so well. It was war time and the doctor volunteered for the Army's special weapons research projects. Banner developed a blasting cap hundreds of times more deadly than cannon fire or dynamite. At its core was a gamma irradiated ore. The weapon was used only once. It was that blast meant to kill young Rick Jones. Instead Banner suffered the blast and found himself married to a man-ogre-monster that would erupt from inside him and subsume him.

Banner and his hulking notslave were one..

You can see more of Daniel's stuff at The Sodajerks.

Daniel DeFabio


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