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Starlord #1 and 2 of 4
Writer: Keith Giffen
Penciler: Timothy Green II
Inker: Victor Olazaba
Colorist: Nathan Fairbairn

Starlord is one of the miniseries composing the Annihilation: Conquest saga. The first few pages of issue 1 bring the new reader up to speed, providing a reader unfamiliar with the character Starlord a synopsis of his history and current state of affairs, which I appreciated as I've never read any previous stories featuring the character. There's a lot of exposition, but it's presented in an enjoyable manner.

The rest of the first issue is spent assembling the cast, a Dirty Half Dozen selected by the Kree from their brigs to take on a suicide mission to destroy a weapon being developed by the Phalanx, the adversary in Annihilation:Conquest.

There's been a lot written recently about the decompression of comics, that the first issue of any series in recent memory can be skipped over by the astute reader and that's not entirely untrue in this case. But the first issue does give some nice character moments and we get a feel for who the main character is and his motivations in undertaking this mission.

Issue 2 is where the action picks up, and does it ever. The mission team is thrown straight into combat and there's plenty of shooting and stuff blowing up. The combat scenes are well constructed and each of the mission participants are seen to be pretty interesting in their own right, for however long they may last.

The design choices by the art team, the retro look to the weapons, the character design, even the World War I inspired uniforms, enhance the atmosphere. This is the fun of worlds at war combat comics and Keith Giffen can deliver the goods here. I've never been impressed with his handling of sentiment or the gentler, nobler emotions, but when it comes to sardonic violence I do believe he is the man. With only two issues left I expect a whole lot of bang for my buck.

All right, Giffen, I've called shotgun, I'm buckled up, now floor it.

David Akhond

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