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The CrossGen Report
reviews by Charlie Wentling

Negation #11
writer: Tony Bedard
artists: Yanick Paquette and Drew Geraci

Kaine has developed a plan to rescue baby Memi, built around the ability that Mercer Drake gets from his sigil. Being no slouch, Kaine has realized what the gift of a sigil means to a person, that it amplifies what the person already is to an extreme degree. Because Drake was a pirate, his sigil grants him any ability that he needs to steal what he wants, an open-ended and interesting power.

All Drake needs to know is the location that Memi is being held. Evinlea agrees to turn herself in to The Negation to get this information. The story throws her loyalties into question as she negotiates with General Murquade, one of Charon's best military minds.

Some subplots from Crux have shifted over into this series. By now it is clear that the Transition undergone by both the Atlanteans and the humans has brought the people into the Negation universe. This also ties in nicely with events from Negation: Lawbringer last week.


Sigil #29
writer: Chuck Dixon
artists: Scott Eaton and Andrew Hennessy

The quality of Sigil has been bouncing up and down a lot lately. Fortunately, issue #29 is one of the good ones.

The final showdown between Sam and Khyradon that started last month wraps up in decisive fashion, also bringing the war between the Saurians and the Planetary Union to a stopping point. Tchlusarud begins consolidating his power base on the Saurian homeworld, and the Union agrees to switch their focus from war to defense.

A few promising future directions are nicely foreshadowed. Roiya's unusual holographic existence will be addressed. The appearance of some Negation soldiers suggests that Sigil is going to be more integrated with other CrossGen series, which should be a good thing.

Artist Scott Eaton returns after two months away, and the visuals look great. Eaton has really made his mark on this series.


Sojourn #16
writer: Ron Marz
artists: Greg Land and Jay Leisten

Arwyn and Gareth have agreed to help the Ankharan people in their rebellion against Mordath. Rahm, the Dawn Warrior, thinks the best way to do that is to find the Dawn Sword. Unfortunately, the Dawn Sword is in a cavern that is no longer accessible due to cave-ins.

The three of them venture into the lower passages that have been sealed off for a generation. Soon, Arwyn becomes separated from the others and somewhat easily finds the Dawn Sword and its undead guardian.

As always, Gareth's narration is excellent, and it addresses the sexual tension between the two main characters. The rogue has also been having interesting dreams on the same subject. He also hints that he and Arwyn will be executed by being tossed off of a cliff by Mordath's trolls.

The artwork in Sojourn is always beautiful. No wonder this is CrossGen's most popular book.


Charlie Wentling

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