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The CrossGen Report
reviews by Charlie Wentling

Crux #18
writer: Chuck Dixon
artists: Steve Epting and Rick Magyar

After the non-stop action last month, this is a quieter issue. Galvan is still recovering after being rescued from Negation space by Aristophanes. The rescue also gave Galvan a feeling of loyalty towards Aristophanes, which causes conflict with Capricia.

The ancient Atlantean warrior thinks the group should continue trying to awaken the rest of the Atlanteans. Able to pilot his ship, Thraxis takes everyone from Australia to Atlantis.

Both Thraxis and Aristophanes seem to have hidden agendas, so there may be surprises in store. It is unlikely that either of them are "traitors", but their goals may be different than the rest of the Atlanteans. The story ends with an interesting conversation between Danik and two members of The First. Danik seems to know who they are, and the relationship may shed some light on key events in the CrossGen universe.


Route 666 #4
writer: Tony Bedard
artists: Karl Moline and John Dell

Cassie survives the car accident that Sheriff Cisco caused by shooting out one of her tires. The Sheriff also survives, but his son Miguel is not so lucky. In a series like this where the afterlife plays a prominent role, death doesn't necessarily mean that a character will no longer appear. In fact, Miguel's ghost stays with Cassie through the entire issue.

The Sheriff flashes between belief and disbelief as Cassie talks to the ghost of his son. He has no doubts about the werewolf-paramedics that come after Cassie though. Soon the two black entities that have been chasing Cassie arrive, but this time she manages to gain some insight into their nature.

The overarching conflict between good and evil is still present. Cassie is on the run without any goals of her own. She needs to start taking a more active role in figuring out her abilities and situation.


Scion #28
writer: Ron Marz
artists: Jim Fern and Don Hillsman II

Ethan is feeling the pressure of starting a new kingdom for the lesser races. The mundane details are becoming overwhelming. Though Ashleigh tries to give him some perspective on recent events, Ethan still feels like he is responsible for everyone around him.

As Ethan and Ashleigh watch the sunset they are attacked by a pack of whiddershins, and Nadia comes to their rescue. Ethan is grateful, but Ashleigh is suspicious of Nadia.

It turns out that Ashleigh has good reason for her suspicion. Nadia has been around for quite a while, but now is the first time that the reader sees events from her point of view. No one has any idea what her true purpose is. Even though the political and military conflicts between the Herons and Ravens are over, the entrance of Nadia's country Tigris is going to quickly stir things up again.

Jim Fern does the guest art in his first of three issues. His style is similar to Jim Cheung's but not nearly as polished. Overall he does show promise.


Charlie Wentling

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