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The CrossGen Report
reviews by Charlie Wentling

Negation #9
writer: Tony Bedard
artists: Paul Pelletier and Dave Meikis

In a direct continuation of last month's story, Kaine and the others suffer Lawbringer Qztr's attack. The Lawbringer had been slaughtering the group, and just blasted a hole through Javi's chest at the end of #8. Though Javi seemed to be dead, Bedard doesn't explicitly confirm or deny his fate.

Realizing that his group is overmatched, Kaine tries to organize a retreat. He even seems willing to sacrifice himself so that the others might escape.

Events take a sudden unexpected turn, and the battle ends. Qztr reports to his "father" Charon, the supreme ruler of the Negation universe. Charon has been torturing an unidentified man for the past two months, and the identity of this man is confirmed as Gammid from Crux, no real surprise to close readers of the CrossGen books.

Clearly intelligent and powerful, Charon is being built up as the ultimate villain of the CrossGen universe. An intriguing character, he makes a connection between the orange sigil on Gammid's chest and the mentor characters that appear in all CrossGen books. It all makes for interesting reading for CrossGen fans.


Sigil #27
writer: Chuck Dixon
artists: Andy Smith and Brad Vancata

As Zanniati leads an attack on the Saurian homeworld, Sam tries to prevent the destruction of the planet Gaia. The pacing has been bad on this book lately, but after a slow start Dixon manages to turn things around. Zanniati and her troops join forces with Tchlusarud to try and remove Khyradon from power, with the action building throughout the issue.

Dixon drops a few more hints that Sam's popularity might soon abandon him. Under the circumstances, this doesn't seem like a good direction to go. Also, after building up Gaia's peril for the past four months, it was a mistake to resolve the situation off-panel.

Just when it looks like things will drag out even further, Sam makes excellent use of his teleportation power to set up an endgame to the war.

In the process, Sam teleports randomly around the CrossGen universe, getting glimpses of other sigil-bearers from other titles, and a few characters that we haven't seen before that may starring in their own comics in the future.


Sojourn #14
writer: Ron Marz
artists: Greg Land and Jay Leisten

Arwyn and Gareth have come to Ankhara, the home of a race of winged people with a relatively advanced civilization, in search of the second fragment of Ayden's arrow. Enslaved by Mordath, the Ankharans are but a shadow of their former greatness.

Gareth leads them into some tunnels in the cliffs of Ankhara in an effort to sneak past the trolls guarding the main entrance. They eventually end up in a harem of Ankharan woman, much to Gareth's delight.

This shoots down my theory that he was secretly gay.

Much of this issue is a set up for the next few months. Another solid story and excellent art by Land make this one of CrossGen's most consistent series.


Charlie Wentling

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