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WonderCon 2007 -- Independent Comics v. 1    

(editor's note: Please welcome new contributor Caitlin Moriarity, and excuse the lack of art in this article -- we're still getting things up to speed here at Fanboy Planet after a massive crash and a massive lack of funds to fix it.)

At every big comic convention, I pick up the latest issues of my favorite comics, rather than getting them from my local comic shop, so I can get them signed in person. Here's the rundown of my haul from WonderCon:

Dorothy #7 - The return of the wicked queen, political machinations within the ranks of the empire, and finally, FINALLY, the gang's all here. We are off to the see the Wizard INDEED.

Tony Loco #2 - Illusive Arts' sophomore effort picks up speed as pieces of Tony's past are revealed, and readers discover something sinister going on at the asylum. Plus, a talking stuffed elephant.

Super Real vs. The Comic Book Industry - This one-shot special pits the cast of Super Real and their enhancements versus big name comic heroes. Each story is illustrated by a different indie comic artist, and the issue has a variant cover by Jim Mahfood.

Castle Waiting #5 - Jain discovers just how Sister Peace met Henry, and just how crazy the Doctor is. Meanwhile in the ongoing flashback, we creep ever closer to figuring out just who Jain married.

Somnambulo's Strange Tales - Forty-eight pages of everyone's favorite luchador detective. The short stories all have a fun, spooky, old-school pulp horror feel to them. Fans of the old Tales from the Crypt comics should not miss.

Geek Monthly - This is a new magazine about geeks and all things geeky. It's been tried before -- I still miss LO-FI -- but these guys have their backing already lined up, and with interviews with celebs like Rainn Wilson and Kristin Bell, this mag just might make it.


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