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Comic-Con 2014 Today's Date:

Comic-Con 2014:
Fox's "Offsite" Experiences Will Be Awesome
Experience Sleepy Hollow....

For the past several years, Comic-Con has been far more than just the San Diego Convention Center. On the Concourse across the street, studios set up exhibits and experiences to promote various television series or movies. And, of course, the zombies shamble freely.

This has also spilled over to the other side of Petco Park (which itself has been taken over by The Walking Dead Escape), with a parking lot full of food trucks and still more experiences, called the "Petco Interactive Zone".

Though we don't quite know the set-up, I can guarantee that I will be heading over there for Fox's Sleepy Hollow Virtual Reality Experience, because it can be both compact and completely cutting edge.

Last year, I was blown away by Godzilla, which took over a whole building. This year, it will likely be Sleepy Hollow, which will just take over my head. Showrunner Mark Goffman tweeted a picture of himself wearing the Oculus Rift-- or rather, its prototype -- testing out the experience they have planned for us.

Mark Goffman about to lose his head...

Allegedly, you will find yourself lost in the woods outside Sleepy Hollow, pursued by the Headless Horseman. I am 90% sure this will not end in your decapitation.

But I have experienced a few things through the Oculus Rift, and can vouch that if done right -- and Fox will no doubt do it right -- your mind will be blown. Your brain will convince you that you cannot escape. I cannot wait. It will be open Thursday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Not only that, but Variety reports that cast and crew will occasionally be appearing live, which means there's a good chance that - gasp - autograph sessions will be held off-site.

If you want something more physical, Fox will also be promoting Gotham, in ways both increasingly common and then... well, again, if I'm reading it right, Holy Freefall, Batman!

First, Fox will be putting GCPD cars on the streets of downtown San Diego, offering free rides to the Convention Center. They claim these are iconic cars, so I'm hoping for a classic look beyond them saying "GCPD" on the sides. Still... free ride downtown. Wait a minute, that's a threat of arrest if I've ever heard one...

May not be an accurate representation.

Should you need to practice your escape, Fox has that covered, too, with the Gotham Zip Line, set up between the Bayfront Hilton and the Convention Center. In a perfect world, this would actually be from the top of the Hilton to the balcony of the Convention Center, but in hindsight, that would probably be a little too cool.

More likely, a tower will be set up on the green between. Regardless, you will get a photo of the experience and a commemorative Comic-Con Gotham PD badge.

With that, we have to throw it out to the other networks. NBC? How about a special Constantine installation where guests can raise a demon? ABC? Maybe someone can be converted to a Deathlok? The bar has been raised.


Derek McCaw



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