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Comic-Con 2012:
Ralph's Joins Us

Walk through the Gaslamp District during Comic-Con and you know why the city wants Comic-Con to stay: for five days, it's incredible for business. And one of the businesses that stays busy from dawn til almost dawn is the Ralph's Supermarket downtown.

The store has always offered special Comic-Con promotions, but this year, the managers took it a step further. If you walk down past the store on First Avenue, you'll be greeted by temporary cabanas featuring energy drinks (a Con staple), sodas and various snack items perfect for crowded convention floors. Should you want to more leisurely choose what you want there and go inside (where it's air-conditioned), the store works hard to prove that it loves you. Oh, yes, it does.

Should be hyphenated, but... oh, geez, I'm such a nerd.

Granted, The Avengers had great Dr. Pepper tie-ins, and Ralph's thought ahead.
But there's more...

Recreating the bridge rescue scene from every Spider-Man origin film. SAVE THE CHEESE!

Ralph's: Showing us more respect than George Lucas does, and charging less.

The deli has earned our respect.
(though if the Hulk was saying "Defend your hunger," I might never eat anywhere else in San Diego.)

Derek McCaw



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