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Comic-Con 2010:
Mish'al's Gallery

Flying in from Japan or driving down from Los Angeles (his origins this year are, as it should be, a mystery), Mish'al Samman spent a lot of Comic-Con among the 501st. But he still took time to snap some interesting pictures and catch some clever moments on the Convention floor...

This would be one of those "you don't tug on Superman's cape" moments...

As we've mentioned, Comic-Con spilled out into the real world, and the real world barely noticed.

Some people like comics, and some people carry it too far.
You might even say they have a wookie on their back.

Intriguing SuperShogunStormtroopers -- even more intriguing that this week the toy company in the background
"Super 7 Toys" has sued Stan Lee and Archie Comics for trademark infringement.

...and clearly, Stan does not look happy about it.

Though even at Comic-Con, you can find redemption... and not just Red Dead Redemption.

Across the street, evildoers beware... Black Beauty is ready to prowl,
whether you want to see Green Hornet or not...

...and White Beauty is ready to roll as well.

Everyone needs a little something to hold their swag...

Though these details weren't reported in the papers, Mish'al caught what really went down at Hall H on Saturday.

Mish'al Samman



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