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Comic-Con 2009 Today's Date:

Comic-Con 2009 Flashback:
The Women of Comic-Con 2009

One of the mainstream media's favorite things about Comic-Con is the costumes. It's an easy hook to get the rest of the country looking. We're different only in that we know who most of the costumes represent, and can often admire the craftsmanship and thought that went into them.

Plus, we like looking at women dressed as superheroes, villains and other fantasy characters. In this, we are but human. So to get everyone excited about Comic-Con 2010 (like you're not already), we present a gallery of some of the best pictures snapped by our intrepid photographer David Tapia and Lon Lopez

Oh, Widow, where is thy sting?

Just to remind you that both companies have their black leather badgirls...

...no matter what the era.

Two of the deadliest women in the Marvel Universe... on the Con floor? Why risk it?

Forget it, pal. She'll hear everything you mutter under your breath.

I include this because you know that X-Men: First Class won't.

Jean Grey in control of the Phoenix Force...

...and as Dark Phoenix.
We have no idea how she was able to completely change her face and hair, too.

It's true... San Diego has many delightful beaches, too.

Lady Deadpool returns, confusing passers by...
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