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When Comics, Toys and Indie Bands Merge...

It's not official without a stormtrooper...
When I showed up at the Illusive Arts booth at SuperCon a couple of weeks ago, the CFO Anna Warren Boersig handed me a flyer for a show called Toy Fusion. She was sending Ray Boersig, artist on Dorothy, to the show by himself, and wondered if I'd be interested in tagging along.

Since it was in Sacramento, I had mixed emotions. Though a good chance to visit some family in the valley, it was also a long drive to be making on Father's Day weekend. What kind of Dad would I be if I deprived my children of the chance to serve me cereal in bed and give me some token of geekdom (for the record -- the PS2 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer)?

Then Ray injured himself on a camping trip, and Illusive would have no representation at Toy Fusion if I didn't go. (Get well, Ray -- remember, Bedrock is only fun on The Flintstones.) So, copies of Tony Loco in hand, I attended Toy Fusion in a rare role for me. Don't laugh -- it was as a comics professional.

Toy Fusion isn't just a show; it's a marketplace. Actually located in Rancho Cordova just outside Sacramento, the place consists of four stores, three hubbed off of the main one, with a huge warehouse space in back. That's where Toy Fusion mastermind Anthony Leano got a vision -- fill this warehouse with people that love comics, sci fi, toys, whatever and show them a good time!

Hampton and Wisnia.
And so it was. Gathering local talent including Mike Hampton (Captain A**hole) and Chris Wisnia (Doris Danger, Ojo, Tabloia), Anthony set up a mini-mall of signings and paraphenalia. Though they didn't stay for the whole thing, headliners Ron Lim (Fantastic Five, Silver Surfer) and horror film host Mister Lobo spent time chatting with fans and with each other.

It was the right balance, as local band The Kimberly Trip played their CDs softly while fans wandered. Later, they rocked the house with a live show.

Groovie Ghoulies frontman Kepi brought his t-shirts to sell, as well as CDs of both his bands (GG and The Haints). New self-publisher Joe Fenton had a pretty impressive display for his book Journey of Descent, next to the Zerga family's Hotaru: A Day in the Life.

Ron Lim and Marvel Girl.
He drew her once, didn't he?
No, it wasn't huge, but it was pretty busy throughout the day. As a kick-off event, it made a nice start and will only get bigger. Lim, apparently local to the area, may display his art there on a semi-permanent basis, and it is a good place for music.

But the focus is still comics, and the Toy Fusion comic shop run by Noel Serrato and Richard Zerga has a good selection of books. You just have to wade through a lot of toys to get there. Yeah, boo hoo, because toy-wise, they've got just about everything.

I look forward to my return.

Toy Fusion can be found at:

3501 Sunrise Blvd #3, Rancho Cordova, Ca 95742

Check out their website as well. If you live in the area, you'll want to know what's going on there...

Derek McCaw


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