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Super-Con San Jose 2007:
Photos From The Floor

Deep in the heart of the Silicon Valley, we gathered for a convention that stayed mostly focused on comics. For a lot of us, that was something different and refreshing. Though Super-Con has been around in Northern California for a while, this was its first time into San Jose. Held in the San Jose Convention Center's adjunct tent, the convention featured some of comicdom's top professionals, including Jim Lee, Frank Cho and Mark Waid.

We wandered and got some great interviews for the podcast this week, not to mention some great deals on toys and comics. Then we saw that drum kit...

Everything's ...so ...shiny...

Lon interviewed John Dolmayan from System of a Down...

What we really wanted was Dolmayan's drum set.
Some of the top names in the business have decorated his kit.

Rafael Navarro, creator of Somnabulo and port in a storm on Sunday.

If you miss Alias, why aren't you reading Valentine?

Our man Ric Bretschneider testing sound levels between panels.
No superpowers for you!
Of course, our favorite retailers, Steve Simonetti and Anna Warren Boersig
of Illusve Comics and Games...


Derek McCaw


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