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Comic-Con 2007:
Preview Night - Attack of the Clowns

The madding crowd...
Downtown San Diego, Wednesday July 25. The first unofficial night of Comic Con 2007, or also known as preview night, and usually a night reserved for press, professionals and pre-registered goofballs to check out the convention floor before everybody else. Usually known as the most tranquil of convention nights, Comic Con’s 2007 Preview Night was a flood of convention goers, stroller pushers and just about every fanboy knucklehead that ever crawled out from under a fraggled rock.

Extremely crowded due to a record breaking attendance and a sold out Saturday, the biggest story of Comic Con 2007 was, “If it’s this crowded on Preview Night, What’s Saturday gonna be like?”

The crowd at this year’s preview night was full of what seemed to be less press and professionals, and more fans and posers. What is usually a night meant for press to meet and network with industry professionals, and exhibitors to set up and prepare, turned into a mad dash for swag and sweat. Shoulders were bumped, luggage was tripped over, and tempers were flared.

Not only that, but the floor of Comic Con 2007 actually resembled the floor of Comic Con 2006. There were the same floor presentations from Sci Network, Warner Bros. Fox Atomic and so on…

Not climbable...
But Comic Con 2007 was not without its thrills. There were also great presentations for Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, and both Marvel and DC. Unfortunately, the floor was too damn crowded that anything could really be enjoyed.

The biggest hit of preview night seem to be the gigantic yellow and red, “Swag Bag” from Warner Home Video, promoting both Smallville and Superman:Doomsday. Many a happy hoarder were spied with not just one, but various quantities of those bags, as well as many a sad fan who were denied when the booth ran out.

Another discouraging aspect of this year’s convention was the mainstreaming of the overall event. It appears the convention mainstays, ie: the nerds, are staying home, and more and more “normal” fans are taking up valuable floor space.

Lon finds two reasons to come back tomorrow.
It also appears that downtown San Diego has been embracing the convention as well, with much more signage than last year and a more welcoming attitude. Whereas in previous years, where convention fans were strangers to the social aspects of the Gaslamp district, this years convention goers are tossing them back and laughing it up with the locals.

Comic Con 2007 may be the most crowded its ever been and the most successful. With more and more fans coming to the convention every year, comic con may have outgrown its britches. However, Comic Con is always known for surprises, and with this only being the unofficial “first” night of the convention, the rest of the week could be something to look forward to… or to avoid.

Lon Lopez


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