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Green Lantern amuses the crowd with the WonderCon logo...
WonderCon 2005: Friday

Ah, the wonder that is WonderCon. Located in the Moscone Center in San Francisco (just around the corner from the amazing Metreon shopping mallnolith), this year's Con still strikes a balance between small and dazzling. Fridays tend to be a more lightly attended day, which makes it great if you want to find a favorite creator and chat a while.

For example, today I touched base with Howard Chaykin, the subject of next month's DC Solo book and who has a new book coming out, Legend, from DC/Wildstorm with art by the great Russ Heath.

Because the floor is not overwhelming, there's time to noodle around and check out some cool new small press stuff, and again take a more relaxed look at what companies like DC and Image are doing. (No Marvel -- this isn't a WizardWorld. Lines have been drawn.)

So enjoy a few sights from the day, and know that tomorrow is when Hollywood invades, as it must. Rumor has it that even Paris Hilton will there. And it might only get weirder...

An upcoming sculpt of Michael Turner's Supergirl.
Can you hear Sting singing "Don't fly so close to me?"

Bryan Mero and Troy Gustafson, writer and artist of Spirit Knight, a Christian-themed superhero book.

Jack Emmert of Cryptic Studios, trying to stump passers-by in a trivia contest.
You decide the comics-related topic. He comes up with the hard question while a character from LIneage II massages the back of his neck.

Margot Kidder starts the convention rounds...

A shout out to the people at Channel101.com,
including the not-pictured Rob Schrab, creator of Scud, The Disposable Assassin.
The tall man at right is Derek Mears, actor, stuntman, hideously tentacled alien and sometime pirate.
He also likes kittens.

Harvey Pekar. As always, happy to be here.

Derek McCaw


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