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Another one bites the dust.
WonderCon 2005:

Most of these announcements come from the DC camp, unless of course you consider Joss Whedon and John Cassaday’s extension on Astonishing X-Men as Derek previously mentioned. Here are some brief tidbits picked up at the Con this weekend, in case you haven’t already heard:


It looks like Alex Ross’ stint over at JSA is more permanent than initially thought. He recently signed on to be the sole cover artist for the title, so fans of Ross’ work should be happy to see more work from him. The bonus is, hopefully Ross’ covers will attract more readership to an already excellent title. More on JSA below.

In other news, it looks like Geoff Johns’ Teen Titans is going to get a replacement artwise as Mike McKone will be stepping aside (jumping over to an exclusive contract at Marvel) and Ivan Reis will be taking up the reigns, art-wise. Reis is expected to jump onboard after the Teen Titans/Outsiders upcoming crossover. For an idea as to what to expect from Reis in regards to Titans, check out the artwork in Wizard Magazine’s Teen Titans 1/2 if you can find it.

Rags Morales will be joining Greg Rucka over on Wonder Woman.

Project Updates

As mentioned above, Ross is taking up the cover-duties for JSA, but it seems as though he is also comfortable championing the title's upcoming arcs. Writer Geoff Johns’ had little to say about the series, but Ross was eager to jump in, touting that he and Johns had discussed planned arcs from three years down the road and that JSA is one of those rare team books that allows one writer the kind of creative freedom over the members of the team without having to work with several other writers regarding events in each members’ individual books. Ross’ excitement for this title is warranted, as it consistently remains one of the better books on the shelves.

One tidbit sure to get fans of Alex Ross titillated was the confirmation of his upcoming bi-monthly JLA series Justice, which he described as his “ultimate Superfriends payoff” pitting the League against a large group of marquee villains a la the Legion of Doom. He will be partnering up with Jim Kreuger on this one, and although there will be a slight delay in the book due to its bi-monthly status, fans were assured to be treated to something special with each issue. Dan DiDio heralded Ross’ work on Justice as some of the best stuff to be circulating the DC offices in quite some time.

Bob Wayne mentioned April’s upcoming Judd Winick penned team-up between Superman and Shazam! with art by Ian Churchill. Churchill will also be joining Jeph Loeb for an upcoming Supergirl series, which has yet to be given a start date.

It sounds as if Geoff Johns’ is taking some deep interest in getting into Hal Jordan’s lifestyle in preparation for his Green Lantern series, to follow the “Rebirth” mini-series. He has plans of taking some test flights with some pilots soon, and has been spending time with pilots to prepare for the series.

Not much was revealed in regards to the upcoming one shot, DC Countdown, although Alex Ross stated that he had been getting some pressure to reveal the identity of the mysterious figure in Batman’s arms on the cover. Apparently this isn’t the final cover for the one-shot, but it has raised a slew of questions nonetheless.

It’s no surprise that Dan DiDio decided to take a glancing jab at their competition when discussing the All-Stars line of books on tap. He stated that the motivation behind the All-Star line is to take key figures in the current, working, DCU and highlight them in more iconic, singular books, something anyone can jump onto at any given time. He prefaced this by stating that DC didn’t feel it necessary to create “ultimates” because they already have a universe that works for them, and the need to re-create seemed superfluous. Instead, we will be given the already announced All-Star Batman and Robin with the creative team of Jim Lee on pencils and Frank Miller penning the adventures for the dynamic duo. He promised that the stories will be more “reigned in” than Miller’s DK2, his follow up to The Dark Knight Returns, although being Frank Miller, he still has surprises up his sleeve.

That said, fans can look forward to another iconic All-Star title in Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman. Apparently this was something Grant had been campaigning to do, and after a successful pitch for his upcoming Seven Soldiers of Victory, they pretty much felt that his request could not be denied. All-Star Batman and Robin begins in July, with All-Star Superman ramping up in September.

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