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Comic-Con 2004: The Sin City Panel
When A Pro Turns Fanboy...

Robert Rodriguez as Marv, by Mark Teague
Writer/artist/director/actor Mark Teague made it to a panel we would have liked to have seen -- Robert Rodriguez' presentation with Frank Miller of Sin City. (The two are co-directing the film adaptation of Miller's classic comic series.) I asked Mark if he wouldn't mind geeking out and contributing a report. So here it is...

Without a doubt, Sin City is one of my favorite comics. Frank Miller has always had the ability to make me laugh, cry and scream.

When you combine a great talent like this with one of my all time favorite directors Robert Rodriguez (also a great artist as well), the possibilities are endless.

I made my way to Hall "H" as quickly as I could. Any Con attendee knows what it's like to weave through an unpredictable mob like a running back trying to make a touch down. Once there, I couldn't believe the amount of people inside. It was packed (and seated an estimated 6500). Luckily, there were several screens hanging from the ceiling for us to watch the Sin City trailer.

Being a filmmaker myself, I can say the trailer left me speechless. "Holy shit!" I thought, I was watching a glimpse of a movie that will be kick-ass! Rodriguez is not just a director but an artist as well. Frank is now not just an artist but a director as well. Rodriguez said that Frank was a natural at directing, and that it was as if he had simply changed pencils.

I think this film will change the way movies are made. There was obviously great attention paid to details as Frank said he would draw out a pose for an actress to hold a gun and she would say "but this doesn't seem right, how would I be able to shoot this way?" Don't worry, Rodriguez would answer, it looks cool.

Teague wants to thank Rodriguez;
I thank Teague for giving me an excuse to run this image again.
So I waited my turn to speak to these two great talents. I rehearsed my questions and comments in my head. Frank; Will Hard Boiled ever make it to the big screen? Robert; What’s next?

I especially wanted to thank Robert for giving so much back not just as an artist/director but as a teacher. I’ve always enjoyed his “10 minute film school” segments on his DVDs. And finally I would ask him if I could give him a copy of a silly little film I did using his basic principles called Superguy.

As I got closer to the microphone, with my fanboy heart pounding like a jackhammer, Robert said he would take one more question. As if losing my chance to talk to Robert wasn’t bad enough, some wacky filmmaker kid asks Robert if he could give him a copy of his movie trailer. The massive crowd booed him beyond belief. “Great, I thought, I won’t be giving him a copy of anything."

Then Robert’s voice yelled out “I’ll take a look at it, bring it up to me after the panel." As you might guess, I hauled ass to the front of the stage.

After the panel of guests said their goodbyes, Robert was the last to leave. I yelled out his name, handed him my movie, he said thanks and was gone.

I then walked away in a full on, glazed over Fanboy coma. Robert Rodriguez had a copy of my movie, very cool. Will he ever watch it? Who knows?

Robert, keep doing what you do best.

And there you have it -- Teague's experience in Sin City. I hope Rodriguez does watch SuperGuy, and then embraces the whole Fanboy Planet staff. In Spy Kids 4, I want to be a Thumb Thumb.

UPDATED 9/20/04: Here's the link to that very trailer that Rodriguez showed at Comic-Con!

Mark Teague


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