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Comic-Con 2003 Day Four:
What's With All The Little Jedi Running Around?

At the San Diego ComicCon, Sunday is Kids Day, which means that suddenly dealers in, ahem, "adult" material scramble to put little stars over everything. It's either that, or pack it in entirely.

Admit it. This is a crossover you want to see.

Sunday also makes a great day to shop; if what you want is still on the floor, chances are you can get a pretty good deal on it. Several dealers had end of convention specials.

If you've attended the whole convention, Sunday also has a special electricity in the air. That's the feeling of everybody running on his last bit of energy, desperate to look bright-eyed and bushytailed. That's also to cover the sensation of having checked out of hotels and gotten a look at final bills: how much for those phone calls? I watched what on the pay service? Three times?

And so it was for the Fanboy Planet staff. Personally, that last bit of energy propelled me to accomplishing more in my final three hours at ComicCon than I had in the previous three days. While Goodson reconnoitered possible accommodations for next year, it was off to get the last couple of interviews and also a few "hellos" to people who had helped make Fanboy Planet what it's grown into the last year (at least on the comics side).

First off, a few moments with Kyle Baker, artist on The Truth and creator of such brilliant graphic novels as Why I Hate Saturn and The Cowboy Wally Show. More importantly for the future, he's writing and drawing DC's relaunch of Plastic Man, a melding of artist and character so perfect it's astounding it's taken this long to happen. We had a really good time talking, and I'll be furiously transcribing to get this one up asap.

Hurricane Entertainment expanded to the size of two booths, with the hint that the company itself might be expanding in the near future. If it does, it's definitely a credit to the hard work being done by Jan, Bill, and Tone. Violent Messiahs writer Joshua M. Dysart was busy signing autographs at the booth, and promised to speak soon about his upcoming DC project, The Demon, as well as his work for Penny-Farthing Press, Captain Gravity.

…Which reminded me that I really had to get over to see Penny-Farthing's Senior Editor Michelle Harman. Through Michelle's initiative, we got into books like Zendra and The Victorian, and because of the Decoy connection, Herobear and the Kid. For that alone, we owe her a Coke.

You will bow down before us,
Fanboy Radio!

(Preferably Diet Vanilla. When you go to San Diego, make sure you sign up for a Ralph's Club card, and keep it with you at all times. Nothing like a 24-hour grocery store within walking distance of the convention.)

Touched base briefly with the guys at CrossGen, still dazzling onlookers with the potential of their upcoming DVD releases. But what I really want for Christmas is the rice wine jug full of Po Pos.

Sam Hamm, Fairy Tale Detective creator Frank Cammuso took a few minutes out of his final day at the Con to talk with us, and to offer us a suspiciously shiny red apple. Nope, not even when Snow White herself showed up would I take it.

After a final financial spin around the floor and farewells to the guys at Creative Light Entertainment, Goodson and I hurried out of town, keeping ourselves amused by reading issues of Maxim out loud. Sadly, not a single article in either issue by Fade From Blue writer Myatt Murphy, who had been at the convention as a stringer for that magazine. According to Myatt, spokesmodels treat you with greater respect when you have Maxim on your badge.

But someday, somehow, the words "Fanboy Planet" will have that same sort of cache. Or maybe not.

And where was Mish'al in all of this? We're not sure yet. He stayed to the bitter end, but wasn't bitter about it. Soon enough we'll get his report, which is much heavier on the manga and the Star Wars news.

Yes. We're out to be the Maxim of geek sites.
Or is that redundant?

Derek McCaw


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