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01-31-06 (Smackdown) (Royal Rumble)

Sadly, I saw most of RAW. There was some awful in there, but they seemed to show that they have direction with at least a few of the programs.

They opened with Edge complaining that Cena got lucky and that he wanted a rematch. It was so obvious that the crowd cared a lot about Edge, so my fears of him losing all his heat seem to have been unfounded, but I still wonder what sort of reaction he’d be getting if he’d won.

Vince came to the ring and beamed proudly about eliminating Shawn Michaels. This was a bad open, but Shawn came out and said he wasn’t going to be Vince’s puppet again. He didn’t wanna be the pill popping madman he was in the 1990s. This program isn’t getting over and they’re hoping it’ll draw for Mania. Wrong.

They brought back RVD, which is good, and had him wrestle Gene Snitsky, which is the worst choice for a return. Terrible match. RVD didn’t even look good. He had a segment where he said that Carlito was a piece of trash and he’d have his revenge. OK, at least they gave him a real program.

I skipped all the Mama Benjamin stuff. It’s just so bad.

HHH did an interview where he showed all his intensity. He said Rey beat him by luck and that Chavo should pray to whoever helped Rey win last night. The match with Chavo wasn’t half bad and it had some heat. The two of them worked a smart match, no blood, little brawling. HHH was too close to the ropes when Chavo went for a Slingshot Plancha. As always when he wrestles, Chavo drew "Eddie" chants.

Joey made a great point when he said that people said that Eddie Guerrero could never main event a WrestleMania. That’s a nice way to get over the idea that Chavo has a chance. It got a little slow at the end, but it was still pretty good.

Coach was awful saying that Chavo and Eddie hated each other. He’s just annoying. Chavo missed the Frog Splash and HHH got the Pedigree for the pin. Not a bad match that got time to develop.

Carlito and Chris Masters had a thing where the two of them were upset with how things went down for them at the Rumble with Carlito tossing Masters and Carlito pinning him in the Elimination Chamber. Masters slapped Carlito and that got a pop. They then had a match that was really good considering who was in it. Masters has learned how to use the MasterLock to build heat. He had it on Kane, but Show came in.

Show cleaned house with Carlito selling like a madman. He was really good getting the SnakeEyes in the corner. He then clipped Show and tried to put the Masterlock on, but Kane gave him the boot. The Double Chokeslam finished it for the big men. Well laid-out and smarter than I expected.

Goldust jobbed to Shelton Benjamin. I didn’t care about the match at all.

They had a ceremony where Mickie James was all gushing over Trish. This ended up with Ashley and Mickie going at it. This is getting weaker and weaker as they go along. They should have Trish end up saying she loves Mickie James too, then come on to her strong and Mickie end up freaking out because of it. That would rule.

Edge beat Cena by DQ. The match was pretty good and Edge has enough heat to stay in the title picture. They could always have him win the belt before Mania you know. Cena was trying harder than usual. He was getting cheered mostly, which is a good sign, but he wasn’t getting cheered enough for the first night of a title reign. Lita ended up hitting Edge with the belt to get Cena DQed. That’s a nice twist.

This was a decent show at times, but there was too much crap filler, particularly outside the ring.

That’s it for this week. More next!

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Chris Garcia

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