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Fifty Shots of Barrowman

Yes, he said quite a bit to the Comic-Con 2015 audiences who came out to see him in two different panels. First, John Barrowman opened up and talked seriously (and hilariously) about being bullied growing up as part of the Pop Culture Hero Coalition panel, End Bullying!

“When pop culture icons make a stand based on their own hard experiences, it sends a powerful message to people who have been bullied or oppressed,” said organization founder Chase Masterson. “We’ve been where you are, or somewhere close. You can get through this. You can heal. And you can be there for other people. That victory spreads like wildfire. And that’s heroism, IRL.”

“I was called fag, queer, and everything else," Barrowman told the audience. He recalled being severely bullied, beat up and stuffed in his locker by a kid at school. “I got all my friends around me, and I confronted this kid. And I said, ‘You can hit me, you can push me, you can bully me, you can do everything you want. You can punch me in my face. But you know what? I will get back up. I will always stand back up.’”

And he continues standing back up. Barrowman has been a role model and a hero to many. And to his fans, the real joy is just watching the man go crazy as he holds his "Anything Goes" panel. He's there for all his fans, and for you.

So, for your enjoyment, here are a few more than fifty shots of John Barrowman entertaining fandom at this year's Comic-Con International!

All photos by Ric Bretschneider

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I appologize for the blurry nature of some of these shots, but Barrowman is so mercurial that I'm fairly sure he physically blurs during his more energetic outbursts. -RB


Ric Bretschneider

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