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Alternative Press Expo 2012

Shang Chi and I dashed into this years Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco for a few hours on Saturday to chat up artists and grab some photos. This is the 19th APE, spotlighting the best in alternative, small press, and self-published comics. Not as crowded as a WonderCon or ComicCon, but that's a good thing. Over 400 exhibitors, indie comics publishers, artists, and DIY creators showcasing their work, each hoping for that chance at stardom, or at least to smile for the camera.

Click photos for larger detailed versions.

Alternative Press Expo, a large small show.

Tons of variety, both in vendors and patrons.

The long aisle of the upper area, where you can almost touch the stars. But don't, they're very hot.

While this is probably not one piece, it should be.

ZOMS believes in cuddly zombies. There's probably a market for that.

Sean Dietrich's art show was striking and a little distrubing.

Páng creator Ben Costa dreams of a perfect world,
where his book has had six tv seasons and a movie.

When the global resurgence in pocket protectors hits your area, you'll know that Team Punchbag (or Doodlebang) are the cause.


MORAV models are always fun to examine.

Yes, we want a trophy room that looks exactly like this.

Exactly our view of Linux users.
Cause-Effect or Effect-Cause, we can't really tell.

Chris Kawagiwa's Sunless Circus has a lively booth!
The mechanical fortune teller needs some attention.

Yes, if you dress up, we'll likely take your picture. Gentleman Scholars know this.

Single Line Art from 1LINE GRAFIX. (Click for Close-up)

Bob is still angry after all these years

National Treasure Sergio Aragonés

Fan Favorite Richard Starkings

When you're setting up your booth, make sure your main character is at least two feet higher than your are.

It's bring your... er... dimimutive significant other to work day at
Frown Factory Productions.

Don't worry, Louis, Coco and Kosta, we've got your superback...

Need your book printed? Talk to ComixPress.

Smilin' Dan Vado of Slave Labor Graphics!

Tony McVey and his family. Just like your family, only quieter.

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