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Action Figure Action Movie: The Setback

UPDATE 5/19/2014: "The Setback" has just been awarded Best Animated Short in the Famous Monsters of Filmland Film Festival held this weekend at the 2014 Big Wow! Comic Fest. We are so danged happy for Lon Lopez and Rob Wilson, whose hard work resulted in this entertaining short -- and promises more in the way of sequels....

If you've been wondering where Lon Lopez has been, wonder no longer! A few months back, he left the podcast to spend some time working on his own projects, including, of course, Moronlife.com.

At last he has released the first of a new enterprise -- Action Figure Action Movie. Combining his incredible skill at creating dioramas, his prodigious filmmaking abilities, and a truly massive action figure collection, Lon worked with fellow action figure enthusiast Rob Wilson to unleash four and half minutes far more entertaining than three hours of two G.I. Joe movies. And his Joes have more personality.

You might also note that Lon and Rob were kind enough to reach back to his podcast friends. "Episode 1: The Setback" features voice work from both Nate Costa and Derek McCaw.

Lon Lopez

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