REWARD: $2500 for Codename script!

I'm not a wealthy man, but this issue is so important to me, I've scraped together $2500 as a reward to the first person who can provide me with the authentic official shooting script for Timely Studios film adaptation of Commander Courage called Codename:Courage.

Timely has gone to great lengths to keep this puppy under wraps and I think that means they know the true fans won't be happy with it.

I've read the alledged early drafts going around the internet and the one written by Kevin. What I'm looking for here is the official shooting script. It would be dated 7/12/2002 or later. It would have salmon color revision pages or later.

If you've got it, I want it. Contact me at



Please help stop Timely Studios from turning our beloved hero Commander Courage

into a murderous monster they call Codename Courage.

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