From the Golden Age to the Marvel Age
(first published Spring 2001 issue of Once Upon A

One of the great pleasures of running this fanzine is the people I get to meet. Comics creators, artists and sometimes even legends who otherwise wouldn't give me the once-upon-a-time of day. But slowly, I guess Derek Sprang and I built a bit of a reputation and the next thing we know people like Jack Kirby were returning our calls.

There's no name more synonymous with superheroes than Stan Lee. And when I found out he'd agreed to do an interview with me, no mere dictaphone was going to capture that moment. No, I brought a video crew in. (Of course, at the time we were gearing up for a TV pilot for Once Upon A Dime, so I couldn't miss the opportunity.)

Stan was gracious and charming as ever. He told stories about the Marvel Bullpen (mostly how it was all made up) and early Marvel TV or film adaptations gone wrong.

Here is a short excerpt from that interview:

--Donald Swan

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