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The Stark Beginning of NPC...

Back at WonderCon, we ran into a group of Bay Area locals announcing their own imprint. Sure, there have been comics companies on the West Coast before, but never from Oakland.

So National Press Comics intrigued us. Though when we first met them they didn't have more than some sample pages and beautiful covers, it looked good.

Recently, NPC editor-in-chief Jaimel M. Hemphill sent us a preview of their flagship book: Stark.

At their WonderCon booth, NPC staff described Stark as a supernatural book about a creature of the night compelled by a mysterious force to combat evil -- and that evil is in Oakland.

Hemphill's press release offers this description:

Stark, the first title from National Press Comics, hits the stands this fall with a gothic/sci-fi tale of revenge. Who or what is Stark? A nation? A man? What mysteries lie behind the disappearance of wanted criminals and known felons? Find out in the pages of Stark bi-monthly starting this fall, only from NPC.

Stark is written by D. Ledon Mason with art by Kyaw Ar Kar.

See for yourselves. Kar's art reminds me of the old Warren horror books, and if he can keep it up, and the rest of NPC's ambitious line of books can maintain it as well, the company may carve itself a good niche. Click on the thumbnails below for full-size art.

Derek McCaw

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